Shavar Ross, the child co-star of Gary Coleman“Different Strokes” learned the harsh reality of dealing with faith in Hollywood first hand. Shavar’s short time as a minister gave him an after taste that ministry is not always about serving the Lord and sometimes it is more than you can bare.

He told our sister site The Urban Daily in 1996, I ended up pastoring a small non-denominational church for actors and those in the entertainment industry for four years. I was somewhat naive getting into it and when I saw a lot of the politics and hypocrisy (not that I’m perfect) in the church, I took a lonnng break from the ministry. So trying to get back into acting after all these years has been tough. I just leave it in God’s hands.”

He went on to talk about how praying with Derek Luke inspired the spirit within him.

“I remember before actor Derek Luke got started, really cool guy. He used to have to take the bus to work when he was a security guard at Sony Pictures. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t wear religion on his sleeve but I remember giving him a ride home one time. In the car we shouted and spitted out some Bible scriptures and prayed for God to bless his career in a BIG way. And look at him now. That’s inspirational to me. No one can tell me that that man ain’t blessed, and that’s why you never hear no one say anything bad about the guy.”

Ross has appeared in over 100 film and episodic television projects throughout his career.

Here is a clip of Shevar in action:

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