So how much trouble can an athlete who is used to using his hands get into with just his thumbs and 140 characters?

Apparently a lot.

Following the fallout from the trash talking tweet of Browns cornerback Brandon McDonald about the Cincinnati Bengals signing of Terrell Owens, Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini decided to address his team on the subject of thinking before sending.

“I think that with social media, it’s a great way to connect to the fans. They have a responsibility to do that in a way that represents the organization the right way,” Mangini told the team in a morning meeting.

“That’s their responsibility and they are accountable for it. If they don’t do it, there are consequences to those actions.” When asked if there would be consequences for McDonald, Mangini said “You know, that’s something that Mike [Holmgren], Tom [Heckert] and myself will talk about, but I would expect there will be.”

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