The gmc (formerly known as the Gospel Music Channel) film will showcase Grant’s onscreen debut in a faith-based film that tells the story of a family rediscovering their faith after a heartbreaking loss.

A mother of three herself, Grant stars as Ilene, a mother barely making ends meet after the unexpected death of her firefighter husband, also starring award-winning country music artist Billy Dean.

In the midst of her financial difficulty and grief, Ilene also has to deal with her son Jackson, played by actor Michael Rosenbaum. Jackson is a troubled teenager who is acting out because of the heartbreaking loss of his father.

“I’m so excited that my debut acting role was in a film that offers so much hope and stresses the importance of faith and family,” said Grant in a press release about the movie.

Grant’s multi-layered character also had to reach out to her estranged father, Wyatt, played by Rusty Whitener, in order to help cope with her troubled son. Upon taking the boy in, Wyatt and Jackson gradually form a bond that helps Jackson take hold of an inner strength he never realized he possessed in order to avoid another family tragedy.

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