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The First Baptist Church in Euless, Texas, gave $30,000 for the second time to its members on Sunday, asking them to invest the money and support missionary work around the world with the earnings.

Pastor John Meador asked the congregation “to take that money and invest in some way as to bring a return so that you can come and give it to the Miracle,” according to

The Miracle Mission is the name of the church’s fundraising program for missions. Last year, church members turned the $30,000 reverse offering into $150,000 by creatively investing the money.

“We had one man last year that got a $10 bill,” Executive Pastor Gary Phillips said. “He’s an artist, and he bought a canvas. He did a piece of art work, sold it for a thousand dollars, and brought it back and gave it to the miracle.”

“Last year, when we first did it, I had actually invited someone to church with me that particular day, and we were sitting there and she looked at me and said, ‘Y’all pass out money every Sunday?’” Tonya Bowman, a church member, was quoted as saying.

But, the money wasn’t just a free gift – it was a challenge, she added. The $30,000 was handed out in $5, $10 and $20 amounts.

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