This week’s topic: Giving Thanks

One of the times that a believer has to remain on his or her most diligent guard is at the end of a hard trial, rather than right in the middle of it. I say this from experience, because if we’re not careful, we can become calloused to the blessings of God when at last we stand under the spout.

Our modern culture is one of a feeling of entitlement. You hear it in our conversations, in our commercials, and sadly now, in our kids: “I DESERVE to be, to have, to do…. It’s my RIGHT to be, to have, to do….” The real test we must pass is not whether we can get through the hard times, but whether we will remain thankful and dependent upon God once He allows us to arrive in the place of plenty.

In a recent self-examination in my prayer time, the mirror of God revealed to me that the unidentifiable odor in my own life was the beginnings of a spirit of unthankfulness, threatening to mildew everything I’m blessed to call my own. It happens sometimes. We go from a really difficult season of adversity, where we’ve had to stay on our knees, to a time of quiet goodness, an oasis if you will…only to find discontentment in “the new normal.”

Manna was the new normal for the Israelites as they journeyed toward the Promised Land. God rained bread from the heavens, yet they mourned for the leeks and garlic they left behind in the place of bondage. And then, when the consistency of a daily provision began to bore their lust for variety, God gave them what they asked for—quail—till it literally came out their noses. And they dared complain again because the taste of the quail soon got old too!

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