I got lost in Nazareth three months ago. Yes, that Nazareth; the childhood home of Jesus. Why? I failed to follow simple instructions. It reminded me of when Adam and Eve disobeyed one clear command and got us lost in sin. Darkness settled over the city. Our tour guide instructed us to head to […]

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via EEWMagazine/Article By Charise Bowden: Of all of the tiings that are going on the world from the elections to the Coronavirus outbreak. People are feeling some kinda way. But here are some scriptures that will re-charge you and let you know that you have the power to fight against fear with the word of […]

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via Halles: Todd Dulaney’s new EP, Back to the Book, is now available on all major digital platforms. Inspired spontaneously by the written word of God, this new body of music finds Dulaney leading listeners literally back to the Scriptures for hope, comfort, answers, instructions and everything to live life according to the Bible. CLICK HERE to read story […]

  This week’s topic: Reaching Our Children The Bible states that our children will be like olive plants around our table. I wondered why God would use an olive plant to describe children. I began researching olive plants and found that they are rare plants that can grow well in coastal climate environments, such as […]

  It never fails.  As I engage in conversation with my children, they inevitably will ask me questions that I just don’t have the answers to.  It’s frustrating and even a little embarrassing.  As the adult in the conversation, I feel like I should be able to represent all parents and have a sufficient answer […]

  I’ll never forget one Christmas eve, my husband and i were driving separate cars with a boy in each, heading out to our church. Not necessarily decked out in my nice clothes, but definitely a little more jazzed up than my usual Wal-Mart attire, I was ready for an hour full of amazing music […]

  It is interesting to me, the depths the enemy will go to keep us from sharing our testimony with others. He tries to diminish the importance of our individual testimony by sending arrows of doubt as to the effectiveness of our testimony He tries to use guilt and condemnation to keep us quiet, when […]

  Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the King of Heaven.  He is also The King of kings and Lord of lords (1Tim. 6:15).  God’s man and woman, Adam and Eve had the assignment to rule and reign on earth in the Garden of Eden.  When they sinned they turned over their authority given to them […]

  As I reflect over my life, memories come of growing up in a family that imparted behavior and values that helped me greatly as I grew into a young woman.  But I do admit I also messed up, yes the ‘church girl’!  I was raised up around scripture, song, prayer, ministry, and the corporate […]

  One day Jesus is looking within some leaves and could not find any fruit on a fig tree, for the fruit appears the same time as the leaves do on a fig tree. Jesus then SPOKE to the fig tree out loud, for The Bible tells us that the disciples heard Him.  Next Jesus […]

  The passages in Philippians 3: 7-14, are most meaningful for applying the principle of “resurrection power” in our lives as Christians. The significance of these verses pull into focus its relevance for understanding seasons of suffering that eventually culminate into victories. The subject is pertinent during this high holy season of celebrating the Passover […]

God wants daily fellowship with you. Here are some things that will help you walk in the love of God daily in your relationships with others 1. Give attention to the Holy Spirit. He is the love of God. Start with the Holy Ghost before you turn on the Today Show. 2. Spend time in […]