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A busy woman like you needs a way to stay fit and healthy but there doesn’t always seem to be enough hours in the day to make it happen. Gyms aren’t as convenient as you need them to be and just end up being a waste of money. Plus, after going to work, taking care of the kids, cleaning up and trying to enjoy life–who really wants to spend precious down time squatting, crunching and sweating?

Here’s a secret gyms don’t want you to know: you don’t need to “work out” to stay in shape. If you’re happy with your figure and just want to keep the good times rolling all you need to do is

two things: (1) maintain a smart and healthy diet and, (2) fully and naturally use your body throughout the day.

Here’s a few quick tips to get started:

Stealthy, sugar-packed drinks pile the calories far beyond your daily allotment in a few sips. Super-sized portions of soda and fruity drinks barely refresh the palette and put more junk in your trunk, and everywhere else, than you ever intend to. Water is ideal, but it’s also bland and can send you craving for juicy juice.

But seltzer is water’s sex in the city cousin. Infused with CO2, plain-ol’ water sparkles on your tongue. The sensation is more satiating than sugar and has zero dietary drawbacks. There’s a myth out there that seltzer is something “other” than carbonated water. The truth is, it’s just water infused with air bubbles. It also works great in cocktails.

Lush tip: Order your favorite fruity liquor/liqueur with seltzer.

What is wrong with those people who take the elevator from the lobby to the 1st floor? That is just %$#@! lazy. They should take the stairs and if you’re a healthy person, so should you. Ditto for those of you riding the escalator like it’s a Disneyland attraction.

A few minutes of stair climbing works your thighs, calves, buns–basically your entire lower body. Ever had to catch your breath after scaling a flight of stairs? That’s because it’s also great cardio. Don’t hold your breath on the climb. Inhale and exhale strong and long. Give yourself an extra ten minutes to get to work and get a few flights of stairs in.

Throw on some athletic shoes the next time you go out to spend silly money. Map out your plan of attack, then snub cabs and public transportation by walking on your shopping spree. Ten blocks, twenty blocks–100! It doesn’t matter, whatever you feel comfortable doing. Just make sure you’re going out of your way. Vary your pace and keep your stride lively. You’ll be staying fit and taking care of errands without breaking a sweat.

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