When you look in the mirror in the morning, do you grimace in dismay or do you smile and give yourself a fun wink? Whether you’re 40, 50, 60 or beyond the person with the wink will probably win the Still Sexy contest. Beauty is a state of mind first and foremost. That said, there are several dietary measures and exercise regimes that can help improve your overall physical being and enhance your sex appeal. There are also some really good techniques that can keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

As you age, your body has different nutritional requirements. When you are in your 40s you need a low-fat and high-fiber diet complete with Omega-3 essential fatty acids. This will help reduce your calories, boost your metabolism, and keep your heart healthy too.

During your 50s, calcium and phytoestrogens become extra important nutritional needs. If you find yourself suddenly struggling with weight gain due to hormonal changes, you will also need to reduce your calories and modify your lifestyle with increased healthy activities.

As you progress through your 60s, you need to maintain a balanced diet. Increasing your fiber intake can help combat some bowel problems that become more common during this age range.

In addition to calcium, iron, vitamin C, and folic acid that can help ease age progression by maintaining a healthy body, you also need to be physically active. Following your doctor’s guidelines for your age and lifestyle will help keep your energy up. Dancing is one of the best forms of exercise you can get. It is fun, releases endorphins, and it shapes the body and the mind. Recent tests are even linking dancing with a reduced chance of getting Alzheimer’s.

When you get older your skin becomes more prone to sensitivity and damage. While you still need a healthy daily dose of vitamin D, it is important not to abuse your time in the sun. Once you have absorbed your vitamin D (it only takes about 10 minutes), be sure to wear protective coverage, sun block, a hat, and sunglasses. Use lotion daily to keep your skin smooth. You may also want to consider glycolic peels fillers to rejuvenate your face.

Glycolic peels are chemical peels made from a sugar cane substance called alphahydroxy acid (AHA). Essentially, it works by lightly peeling away the outermost layers of your skin, which are the ones that are the most damaged. Although it is not a surgical procedure, a sedative can be used with it. Since it is effective at removing the damaged layers and wrinkles but it is not as harsh as a deeper peel, glycolic peels are becoming more common in skin rejuvenation therapy.

No matter how old you are, if you eat right and take care of yourself, you can look and feel great. Keep your mind in shape, too, and remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So, behold yourself sexy and you will be sexy. How are you handling the aging process? Have you changed your diet to meet your body’s needs?

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