National (TheGrio)– Change, a concept on which President Obama ran — and won — in the 2008 election, is the one constant we can rely on in the new political era. Just two years ago, the president won a historic victory that swept Obama into the White House. Two years later, he and Democrats on Capitol Hill are contemplating the political road back — in the midst of a crock pot economic recovery and an angry electorate that is concerned about unemployment, increased government spending and the reality of the American dream for our children.

While the political winds for Democrats have been brutal, results for African-American politicians have been a mixed bag — a sign that the community continues to make progress towards political parity in America. As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, the electoral landscape for African-Americans has changed dramatically.

Several touted as up-and-comers less than two years ago have fallen to defeat, while other recent unknowns have found the limelight. Overall, regional political context, including the state of the economy — not race or ethnicity — appeared to have the greatest impact on campaigns. That is real progress.

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Black politicians still struggle after Midterm Election’s

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