During the 2011 Church of God in Christ Call Meeting (national business meeting), held in Memphis, the Report of the General Board issued a summary  which says that the denomination intends to ramp up its efforts to change its public image. But what’s the motivation? The report ironically seems to paint the church as a victim of virtual boogeyman forces out to destroy its name, image and reputation.

“We are experiencing a viral media culture where truth and untruths are mingled together to produce sensation. Sometimes this occurs at the cost of reputation, livelihood, and humiliation. The Church must become more assertive in managing “her” own story about her role in world affairs. The selection of a Public Relations Manager is one of several ways we are going to “get ahead of a story” and offer a integral [sic] context to contrast the forces that take delight in minimizing our effectiveness and impact in the lives of hundreds of thosands [sic] of people in their every day lives.”

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