Director Darren Aronofsky has been looking to work on a film adaptation of Noah’s ark and it looks like he has been talking with Christian Bale to play the lead role

The idea for the project began in 2007 and it seems that there may be some movement this year. New Regency Enterprises has already made a deal with the “The Fountain” and “Black Swan” director to pay for half of the film’s budget, which is expected to cost around $130 million in total.

Aronofsky and Bale have met before when he directed the early stages of Bale’s latest movie, “The Fighter.”

The 42-year-old has been interested in developing the story into a film adaptation since he was 13 years old. At 13, he won a United Nations poetry competition at his Brooklyn school. The poem talked about Noah’s perception on the end of the world.

Slash Film talked with the director about the film and he said, “It’s the end of the world and it’s the second most famous ship after the Titanic. So I’m not sure why any studio won’t want to make it.”

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