It seems as though almost everyday there is a new complaint about how the TSA has searched someone. An old lady might be personally invaded by their private area probings, or in another recent example, a little boy might be touched one two many times. Now African-Americans have something to complain about, as the demographic of persons the TSA has offended has expanded.

A black woman complained on MSNBC recently that she was violated first by a full-body scan at Seattle’s Sea-Tec airport, and then taken aside to have her hair intimately examined. Don’t people know you should never touch a black woman’s hair? Apparently, the TSA does not.

Crossing that line and doing the unthinkable has this harassed flyer crying racism. Political site reports:

…Laura Adiele said that TSA agents notified her after she went through a full-body scanner at Seattle’s Sea-Tec Airport that her hair needed to be inspected. Adiele said she had no problem with being patted down, but she said the agents made the request to check her hair after she was scanned because she is black. […]

“I played the race card in this just because I looked around and didn’t see anyone else being searched in that way,” Adiele continued. “And at the end of it, I had an African-American flight attendant come up to me and say that she’s had this experience and that she’s seeing it more frequently and that she thought I should complain about it.”

The TSA responded in a statement that it is their policy to search anything that puffs out from the body. This situation is similar to the widely reported incident in which a sick, elderly woman had her diaper searched because it too was “poofy,” and thus suspicious. It seems that the TSA cannot take any chances no matter how unsightly the contents of the poof in question might be, or how harrowing it is for the customer to dissect it.

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Source: Alexis Garrett Stodghill, The Atlanta Post

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