Source: Michael Loccisano / Getty via HelloBeautiful Staff: The “Empire” star not only shares a serious hair horror story but has also gone red! Having been in the business for nearly 20 years,information,hairhas a lot of stories and […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: Men can you braid? Or can you do your daughter’s hair? In the average household, mothers are typically responsible for doing their daughters’ hair. That’s why when we see videos of dads giving it a shot, the videos are usually met with a lot of amusement. Typically because many dads are not very […]

via essence: The Smiths are currently on vacation in Greece, and Will Smith was witness to his wife, Jada, and daughter, Willow, having a cute beauty moment. The mother-daughter duo partook in the age-old tradition of moisturizing and greasing one’s scalp. In the video posted on Instagram, Willow can be seen greasing her mother’s scalp […]

via BlackDoctor: Our hair is always on display and one of the first things people see when they look at us. It’s a topic of conversation, and a way for us to bond with people we hardly know despite age, sex, and cultural barriers.  As we get older, our bodies go through changes and our […]

via EEWMagazine: Multiple GRAMMY® Award-winning member of the legendary Clark Sisters, Karen Clark Sheard, recently flaunted her natural hair on Instagram before getting it styled at the salon. “Happy Natural Hair Day,” wrote the 56-year-old, adding that she was letting “God’s hair breathe.” Though the phenomenal singer, wife and mom wasn’t actually giving out professional hair advice […]

via BlackDoctor: There are a few key nutrients that make hair grow more than ever before. When those ingredients are combined and applied correctly to your hair and scalp, your hair will grow longer, literally overnight. Hair vlogger Chanelli makes it easy for women to achieve hair growth overnight with this hair follicle-inducing recipe on her blog. […]

via BlackDoctor: We have all experienced that feeling of “what the fudge,” when we spy our first gray hair. For me, it happened in my prime – 21-years-young. Needless to say, many women have begun to ditch the hair dye and embrace their NOW signature silver strands. Others, however, find themselves emotionally fraught – frantically […]

via getupmornings: Marvin Sapp chatted with Erica Campbell and GRIFF about his many different ventures outside of being a gospel artist. He talks about the bible scripture that advises us to use all of our skills and talents, multiply them and bring them back to God. He explains how he used to his platform as an artist maximized his moment, […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF talks about the fact that he had a barber come in and spray his head black. The strange aesthetic is a trend right now, and GRIFF only did it to surprise Erica Campbell with something outrageous when she returned from her trip to Israel. GRIFF delighted in the roasting that followed, but when […]

Hair Hair go away???? Well its a problem for a 17 year old in Florida…It seems that she has been rocking the afro for a while and about two weeks ago one of her teachers confronted her in front of her class….The students began asking questions about the maintenance of her hair….AND THEN!! she was […]

Whether it was Beyoncé giving us 26 inches of Hawaiian silky or singer Kriss Mincey with the perfect short cut, we have the best hairstyles from the 59th Annual Grammy Awards that are going to have you making a hair appointment pronto.