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Structural steel erection continued at the east and west sides of the Ballroom, and the first of 30 main trusses was hung earlier this week. Each main truss measures 120 feet in length, spanning east to west across steel columns and will form the roof of the future Ballroom. Work continues on erecting Mall C steel and ballroom trusses. Turner completed prepping the existing concrete columns to receive new steel column jackets. All of the jackets are erected and will be detailed and grouted this week. Freight elevators F-1 and F-2 will have their jack (piston) holes drilled and set. Work will begin at Stair # 1 and at the East Kiosk (sequence 112). Masonry is scheduled to start this week at Stair No. 1 and the north wall. Foundation work continues, overall completion is 70%. Excavations for micro-pile concrete caps will begin at the Load Dock this week.

Underneath Lakeside Avenue, Turner is grouting the nine new columns solid next week, locking them into their new permanent positions. Work continues on extending the new mat slab under Lakeside Avenue in the areas occupied by the temporary foundation which supported the massive shoring members.

On the future Convention Center site, elevated slab-on-grade adjacent to the Public Auditorium is nearing completion. Turner continues structural steel erection in the East Concourse area extending north to south along Public Auditorium. Mechanical and electrical contractors have begun their under-slab work in the East Concourse back-of-house areas. Work along St. Clair Avenue continues, with forming and pouring sections of 35-foot-high foundation wall that stretches 600 feet long from Public Auditorium to the new Medical Mart with nearly 300 feet expected to be poured by the end of the week. Crews continue forming and pouring grade beams and tie beams in the South Loading Dock. Turner anticipates having five grade/tie beam networks poured within the next week. All 66 deep foundation caissons have been signed off by the Engineers.

On the future Medical Mart site, the second of three large structural concrete mats (1,000 cubic yards of concrete) will be placed early (beginning at 2 a.m.) on Thursday, Sept. 29th. The team continues the upper mat forming and reinforcing steel placements for the last of three mass concrete placements. Steel column pedestals and frost walls are being constructed as the larger concrete mats are cured. Work has begun forming the concourse level structural deck that is above the lower mat in the Medical Mart. The Medical Mart southeast stair final wall section was poured earlier this week.

At Public Auditorium, Turner continues work on the removal of temporary closures and permanently patching the openings at the Concourse level of the west façade, created by the demolition of the 1964 connector. The overall punch list work is 100% complete on the separation work and interiors door prep work is scheduled to begin in the near future.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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