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Jeremiah Jones knows that you’re never too young to be an entrepreneur. At just ten years old he has already been in business for two years under the banner of JYoungin Education (at; a new line of clothing and school supplies. Young Jeremiah was inspired by superstar athletes, some hip hop icons and his father Ed Jones, who is also an entrepreneur.

Once Ed learned of his son’s ambitions, he had a character drafted just for Jeremiah as a symbol of faith. As Ed recalls, Jeremiah wanted more than a sign, he wanted items that he could sell:

“He sat me down and said; Dad, can I put something on my shirt, because nobody believes that I have my own company.”

Jeremiah went on to request a meeting with his father and suggested that it take place at Starbucks or TGI Fridays because he knew that’s where adults often hold business meetings.

Ed continues: ““I was impressed, that he wanted to do his own thing, but that he also wanted to follow the steps of his entrepreneurial father.”

As for the adventurous pre-teen and future mogul, his reply was quite simple: “I just want to be successful because you can do anything you put your mind to.”


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