It is not always easy to master emotions, particularly for men. One of the greatest fears that many men have is the fear of rejection. Rejection is the feeling that you’re unwanted, unloved or not accepted—that you’re never good enough. The fear of rejection is rooted in thoughts of inadequacy and insecurity. When a man is unsure of his worth as a person or falsely believes negative things about himself, he will fear people’s rejection based upon his own negative self–view.The trap that many men fall into is believing that revealing their inner feelings and hurt is a sign of weakness. Many men live their lives burying wounds and hurt that stem from being rejected. The problem is that burying the pain will not allow proper healing to take place. Some men cope with their feelings by constructing a false self–image and building walls around their hearts to protect themselves from being hurt or rejected again.

One of the truths that I have realized is that many Christians, men in particular, have perfected phoniness. When a man doesn’t like himself on the inside, he has to wear a mask or project a false image of himself that he feels will cause him to be more accepted by others. This kind of man usually gains his confidence from externalities like good looks, nice clothes or a big salary. A pretty girlfriend can even be used to increase his self–confidence. The problem is that this is not true godly confidence. Real godly confidence comes from within and is not based upon external appearance or an abundance of things. If a man lives this way for too long, he will eventually become so comfortable with the mask he might find it difficult to ever regain contact with who he really is.

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article courtesy of Crefflo A Dollar

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