As of Tuesday, because of a change in the law, pit bulls are no longer classified as vicious just because they’re pit bulls.

Keep in mind that some cities have their own ordinances that remain in place and are, at times, stricter than the new state law.

For instance, in Massillion, you still won’t be able to buy or sell a pit bull within city limits.

For the past 25-years, pitbulls have been labeled as a “vicious breed” and owning one and adopting them out meant going through extra hoops.

Now, all of that has changed.

For years in Ohio and other states, pit bulls were singled out in state law, labeling them “vicious,” requiring owners to take extra precautions after bringing one home.

The law was based on fear that pit bulls were bred for fighting and were more dangerous than other breeds. But all of that has changed.

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