CNN ran a story yesterday about the explosive growth of social media, smartphones and digital devices and how they are transforming our kids’ lives in school and at home. But is this a good or bad thing? Children, often even more than their adult parents, are congregating online, using tablets and smartphones, and downloading apps.

They are surfing the Internet—many unsupervised—and being exposed to much more, much sooner without anyone really understanding how this will affect the youth of this generation in the long run.

The article, written by Chelsea Clinton and James P. Steyer of Common Sense Media, a nonprofit advocacy organization focused on media and technology’s effects on children and teens, shares some interesting facts about children and technology.

According to Clinton and Steyer, by the time they’re 2 years old, more than 90% of all American children have an online history. At 5, more than 50% regularly interact with a computer or tablet device, and by 7 or 8, many kids regularly play video games. Teenagers text an average of 3,400 times a month. The fact is, by middle school, our kids today are spending more time with media than with their parents or teachers.

Who is setting boundaries for kids?

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