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Let me start off by saying that I love getting my Precious Times magazinesin the mail! I know that the web and blogging has changed our reading habits drastically, but magazines are still close to my heart.

The cover for the Spring 2012 Precious Times is Sunday Best 3 winner, Le’Andria Johnson.

I was surprised to see her on the cover because of the backlash she has received after announcing her pregnancy. Le’Andria is not currently married. This will be her fourth child, with the first three born under the confines of marriage.

In the article, which is done in a before and after pregnancy format, Le’Andria just puts it all out there. There were a lot of wow and I didn’t know that moments in the article for me.

I love Le’Andria’s honesty and transparency. While she acknowledges that she does not condone her situation, she believes that she’s pregnant and having her baby for a reason.

She said that a lot of people in the Gospel industry have abortions and sweep it under the rug, but she plans on being the spokesperson for the next woman who comes across a situation like hers.  “I’m not condoning it, but I believe we should help one another and support one another.”

I know a lot of people are wondering about who the father of the baby is. She said that the father is a musician and he said that he would be there for her. It’s his first child, so he is excited. She said that she is not going to get married because she is pregnant, but she will be marrying soon.

This part of the interview was interesting to say the least.

PT: Are other artists rallying around you or are you the leper?

LJ: I’m the leper to most, but the artists who have contacted me in support are just like me. They realize that we’re not perfect. Many have thanked me for being transparent. I hope that women across this nation will focus on who they are and not what man thinks they are.

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