Cedric the Entertainer seems like the kind of guy that you know – he could easily be your uncle, your father, your cousin or your brother. Maybe that’s why people enjoy him so much. Apparently, he’s got a face and personality made for TV because he almost always has a job. This year is no different. He and Niecy Nash of “Reno 911” and “Clean House” fame are starring together in a new TV land sitcom “Soul Man.”

On the show, Cedric plays Rev. Boyce “The Voice” Ballantine was a superstar singer who gets the “call” from the Lord and decides to give up his secular career for a new one as the minister in his father’s St. Louis church. This means moving from the high life in Las Vegas to the more modest one in St. Louis. In fact, St. Louis is Cedric’s hometown, so he convinced the show producer’s to have art imitate life.

“When we were talking about the new series, they asked if I wanted to be from Cleveland, but I wasn’t really comfortable with that,” Cedric told the St.Louis Post Dispatch. “I said, let’s make it St. Louis, so the setup is that I leave Las Vegas and come home to St. Louis.”

As one of the show’s executive producers, Cedric has a hand in just about everything including co-writing the show’s pilot. But when he cast Niecy Nash, he was unaware that she, too is from St. Louis. And oddly enough, Nash’s first husband was a R&B singer turned pastor, she told the Dispatch.

“Soul Man” which debuts Wednesday at 10 p.m. is set for 12 episodes on TV Land. Watch the preview here.

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