Sultry sexy singer Tweet caught the celibacy bug and is waiting on God to deliver her a real man called to be her husband.

Since releasing her naturally sexually appealing album “It’s Me Again” in 2008, she’s been saved, sanctified, and purified and left that the old Tweet in the past.

She put down her dirty habits and has been on the path to righteousness.

“I stopped smoking like 6 years ago. In the hiatus, when I tell ya, it was a whole change. My life is changed. I stopped that, I stopped drinking and everything. I had to get myself together,” Tweet shared with Hello Beautiful this week.

Her decisions to put down her old wicked self had everything to do with her spiritual walk and religious calling.

“The way I’m living my life now doesn’t cost, I don’t need that. Everything that I need is in my Lord and Savior and that’s important until I meet my husband,” said Tweet. “I’m focused on whatever I have to do to please God and to do my music and spend time with my family. It’s not hard at all. They say ‘once you can stop doing something for 21 days or 30 days, you can conquer it.’ I guess that’s a good advice for somebody that wants to take that route as well.”

While she continues to work on her soul, she’s also planning to release her next album, “Simply Tweet” some time this year. She didn’t reveal the theme of the new body of work yet.

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