*This may not be much news to some, but a survey was taken on a group of friends, colleagues and family members. The result was that Black women are more religious than other women in different ethnic groups. And the men are just right behind.

According to the Washington Post, 74 percent of black women and 70 percent of black men said that “living a religious life” is important. But the number dropped significantly when they got to white men and women who came in at 43 and 57 percent, respectively.

The survey also questioned in hard times, who turns to their faith. Black women came out on top with 87 percent affirmative. Black women from all walks of life, education, class, and income had similar sentiments.

While the numbers aren’t enough to explain much, the Washington Post sought out experts to elaborate. Some suggested that “cultural influence” and good music in the black church was a huge motivation for the high numbers among African American women. 

Dark, oppressive roots are also worth pointing to. In the darkest moments of American history and in the lives of enslaved blacks, religion played a huge role in keeping the black spirit alive and families encouraged.

Stacey Floyd-Thomas said black women in particular have experienced a type of oppression no other group has gone through.

“Black women have been the most mistreated and scandalized in U.S. society and culture as they wrestle both individually and collectively with the triple jeopardy of racism, sexism and classism,”

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