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Dreaming big has paid off for Jonathan Butler.

He has lived to witness a rebirth of his native South Africa transcend into a place of evolving democracy.

In fact, Jonathan credits his years in South Africa for his deep appreciation for life and freedom. It has made him a better person. Butler’s musical gifts have flourished to the tune of seventeen charted albums on Billboard and soaring music sales on two continents.

Jonathan has scored success as a world renown guitarist in R&B, contemporary jazz and gospel. Butler’s new release Grace and Mercy is filled with the soulful sounds and insightful lyrics that fans have come to expect from the veteran performer.

Jonathan Butler spoke with EURweb’s Lee Bailey about Grace and Mercy: “It is my third solo gospel record, besides the stuff that I’ve done in between. It definitely has an urban flavor to it. It’s more of a sing along type of record. I think it’s just as relevant to me, and it has an acceptability that is even more appealing than a strictly traditional church type of record.”

So has Jonathan Butler gone gospel full time or is this just an extended spiritual and creative phase?

Jonathan Butler to EURweb: “What I am doing is, I’m trying to reinvent Jonathon Butler. It’s a part of it where you have to listen to who you are and then speak about it in a most honest way. It’s not like I’m writing about a third party, I’ve been through this.”

Grace and Mercy is highly anticipated and let’s not forget how he stirred the gospel world with “Falling in Love with Jesus” in 2004 on The Worship Project, after charting secular hits like “Lies,” “Sarah-Sarah,” and “More Than Friends.” It seems that Butler’s heavenly love still lingers and it’s sincere.

Jonathan Butler to EURweb: “It definitely is a gospel record because of to whom I am singing. It really is about glorifying God in the midst of the personal setbacks and disappointments. For instance there is a song called He Cares and it’s a song about people having doubts people having and fears and losing confidence in their situation and me saying don’t give up because God cares for you.”

The first single from Jonathan’s new album is titled “I Stand On Your Word.” It exudes the same musical excellence as his other releases and his statement of faith is both a call to action and evidence of his personal commitment.

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