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Fox News recently did a story on Dr Bobby Jones and how he pushes people thru gospel music

Doctor Bobby Jones is the name synonymous with gospel music one of America’s most indigenous art forms.

It has — through the years as an expression of faith that you can accomplish any thing.

Doctor Bobby Jones is credited with taking this art form to the mainstream.

By the longest running show in cable television.

He says gosh who has helped him and others live their life beyond to drink.

Doctor Bobby Jones is known as mr.


— 31 years he presented a weekly television show that promotes this unique musical genre.

It is the longest running show in cable television history.

A mainstay on BP.

But it played a larger role in exposing the greatness of African American culture and its contribution to the world.

I’ve tried to — right through the experiences that I ahead.

In the education to use that.

Side of — To bring about respect — career is taken him far beyond his humble beginnings as a child growing up in the small rural area every county Tennessee.

Parents report farmers had encountered problems they could have prevented body from succeeding.


that time that I believe did we would segregated society and he couldn’t read — my mother was — more you know well off but since he was obviously great student and I ended up teaching them and — I ended up getting their lives.

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