Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed is suggesting that sports team owners provide money to help Cleveland schools.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is asking voters to approve a 15 mill levy this November. Reed asked Browns owner Jimmy Haslam Wednesday if something can be done to help.

“You don’t pay property taxes so would you consider sitting down like they do in places like Boston and saying, in lieu of the fact that we don’t pay property taxes, we’d like to give you a stipend as we move forward to ensure that the funding is in place for a good, well-rounded education,” Reed said.

Haslam said he has a strong record of supporting education. He was involved with high schools in Tennessee, where they increased the number of high school students going on to college.

“We understand the importance of education, public school education,” he told Reed, “and we want to be supportive because, if we don’t do a good job in public school education, our kids aren’t going to have the same kind of opportunities that you and I had.”

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