Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program®,a nonprofit organization providing education and comfort to children with cancer has collaborated with New York-based Flocabulary, a company that creates educational hip-hop songs and videos to create a cartoon promoting self-esteem for children living with cancer. Flocabulary typically works within the educational field and has videos in more than 15,000 schools across the country. The partnership between Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program and Flocabulary is the first of its kind, offering a new and creative way to help kids with cancer. Flocabulary is known to motivate students and boost test scores. The two companies hope the result of their collaboration will motivate cancer patients to not give up on their identity and will-power and boost their self-esteem.The cartoon music video, titled “I’m Still Me” sheds light on the struggles children go through during cancer treatment. It reiterates the fact that children are still themselves however and still trying to live a normal life. The cartoon addresses topics relevant to cancer diagnosis and appeals to children of all ages. The music video gives insight into the changes a child dealing with cancer will experience and helps children learn that they are not alone and are still the same kid they were before being diagnosed.

“Flocabulary has been instrumental to bringing Gabe’s story to life in a unique way and helping children understand what they are going through,” says Lu Sipos, founder of Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program.

“We had never done anything with the healthcare industry, so this was a chance to do something impactful and help kids who are struggling with cancer treatments,” says Alex Rappaport, founder and CEO of Flocabulary. “If we put a smile on just one kid’s face, then we have done our part.”

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