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A brave 16-year-old boy in Southampton, Hampshire in the United Kingdom risked his own life after running in a burning home to save a 2-year-old boy, Adam, the Southern Daily Echo reports.

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Nelson Fonangwan was awaken by the screams of his neighbor, Aneta Jedlikoswka, whose child was locked inside of her burning house. When the teen reached the mom, she was frantic.

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“She didn’t speak good English and she pointed to me inside the house and said ‘baby’, I knew I had to do something so that’s when I helped by breaking the rest of the glass and I went in and got the baby,” Fonangwan told The Echo.

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“The smoke was really thick you couldn’t even breathe, I don’t know how the baby was coping because I was choking. I didn’t think too much because it was frantic but once I heard baby I thought I have to do this. I was a bit nervous though because it was fire.

“When I brought her baby out, she was really relieved her arm was really bad she hugged him tight.”

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The incident started when Jedlikoswka was taking out the garbage while cooking breakfast. Strong winds closed the door and locked her out. But the meat was still cooking and began to smoulder. Soon a thick, black smoke began billowing out of the home and the mother began frantically trying to break-in to get her baby. The boy was knocking on the window from the inside.

Jedlikoswka even punched through the glass trying to get inside. But fortunately Fonangwan was able to  smash into the home and scoop up the tot.

“It was a relief,” the 32-year-old mother said of the teen’s actions. “I was so happy to be reunited and happy he was not inside anymore. There was lots of smoke and it could have been so dangerous. I can’t thank him enough.”

Jedlikoswka was treated at a local hospital where she underwent an operation for two damaged tendons in her hand. The boy suffered no injuries. Originally from Cameroon, Fonangwan is studying to be a nurse.

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