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Millions of empowered Christian women love reading great books. Above all else, we rely heavily on the word of God daily to get us through whatever challenges we face. While the Bible already has everything we’ll ever need to live rich, joyful, purpose-filled lives, would you want to own one with devotionals, notes, and elements specifically created for women of color?

If so, you’ll get that opportunity next year.

Thomas Nelson, a world leading Christian publisher, is preparing to release a new Bible that will provide African-American women with an important and inspiring new tool to help bring their Sunday morning experience into their everyday lives. The Sisters in Faith Holy Bible: Encouraging and Empowering African-American Women with God’s Truth.

It is expected to address the concerns of today’s Christian women who are seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in every area of their busy and complex lives.  The Bible will be available January 1, 2013 in stores and online.

This beautifully designed Bible will have a unique African-American perspective, thanks to executive editors Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore. Michele and Stephanie are the co-founders of Sisters in Faith, an entity established to create meaningful products that encourage and empower African-American women with God’s truth, and address the needs and concerns of life that are particularly challenging to the women in this culture.

“African-American women have a different history and a different presence from any other demographic,” said Jenkins. “Their history is characterized by strength in the face of instability; making a-way out ofno-way and self-definition in the face of a lost identity.  A substantial number of African-American women are working mothers and oftentimes single mothers. Most are looking to cut a new path. The Sisters in Faith Bible is designed to speak directly to the specific needs of this group of women.”

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