Gabby Douglas may have been the big winner of the U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastics team, but her teammate McKayla Maroney also became a breakout star as well because of her unintentionally hilarious“not impressed” photo meme.

An image of Maroney twisting her mouth upwards in a kind of irritated pout after she came in second in the vault competition became one of the most memorably pictures of the London Games.

People began circulating the picture with the caption: “McKayla is not impressed.”

“I think it’s really funny. At first, I was really confused and I couldn’t believe that just from making that face for two seconds it could turn into that, but I guess in my head I was just disappointed that I fell on my butt at the Olympics. And when the National Athem was playing, and it wasn’t my country, I was just thinking in my head, like just dangit, and that’s what my face did,” she said in August. ”And I guess it turned into some big thing. It’s kind of funny.” 

Well now her funny face has made it all the way to the White House. During a recent visit with President Barack Obama, the silver medalist posed for a “not impressed” and the Commander-in-Chief got in on the act.
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