The Cleveland police chase that ended with the deaths of two people in East Cleveland took center stage at East Cleveland’s city council meeting Tuesday night.

“We do want to let the police know from the city of Cleveland and Mayor Jackson and the safety director of Cleveland that we’re really upset about what has taken place,” Councilwoman Barbara Thomas said.

Thomas said she feels the chase could have been stopped before it got to East Cleveland.

“And when it did get to East Cleveland,” she said, “all these bullets start going all over the place. You don’t know who could have been in our city to get killed at that particular time.”

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton told council that about 50 cars were involved in the chase, but none were from East Cleveland. He said two East Cleveland detectives will be working full time investigating the case for about two months.

“It’s a Cleveland issue,” he said.

The mayor added that it could have happened in any city and that Cleveland is “fully cooperative.” But  residents who addressed the council said East Cleveland was disrespected.

“Cleveland had no respect for the citizens of East Cleveland by continuously coming in here,” one resident said.

Meanwhile, Councilman Nathaniel Martin is calling for patience and prayer while the investigators do their jobs.

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