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via Wkyc: A memorial to 14 year-old Tamia Chappman has been growing in East Cleveland…Last Friday Tamia was killed by a car while walking home from school. An aggravated robbery on Cleveland’s west side led police to chase through East Cleveland, but the city’s councilors believe that should have never happened. CLICK HERE to read […]

A 3-day long manhunt spanning multiple states came to an end on Tuesday after Steve Stephens took his own life, following a police chase in Erie, Pennsylvania. On Tuesday night, we got our first look at new video, showing that chase, as police took off after Stephens. Surveillance video outside two businesses: a funeral home […]

The Georgia teenager who was first denied a heart transplant due to “non-compliance” and then given one in 2013, died Tuesday in a car crash while…

Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath says 64 patrol officers have been disciplined for breaking departmental rules in connection with a police chase in November 2012. The officers were found to be in violation of such departmental rules as speeding, failure to obtain permission to join the chase and insubordination. Collectively the department handed out 178 […]

  Disciplinary hearings for several Cleveland City patrol officers involved in theNovember 29 chase and police-involved shooting will begin Tuesday. Over 50 officers are scheduled to have their hearings in front of Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath. The chief will hold about 10 hearings a day, until they are all completed, according to Police Union President […]

  Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath says one police supervisor will be fired and two others demoted for their actions during a deadly police chase and shooting last November. In addition, nine other supervisors face suspensions ranging from one day to 30 days. The chase in November 2012 ended with the deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa […]

  Cleveland police chief said a dozen supervisors are facing disciplinary action as a result of an internal investigation into a chase and shooting that left two suspects dead. During a news conference Tuesday, Chief Michael McGrath said 12 supervisors – one captain, one lieutenant and 10 sergeants – did not follow policy. There were […]

  The outcome of the Cleveland police chase turned deadly shooting investigation will be revealed at a Tuesday morning news conference. The news conference is set to begin at 10 a.m. at Richfield BCI where officials will disclose the results of the investigation into the Nov. 29 chase turned fatal shooting that left two people […]

Authorities investigating a Cleveland car chase that ended with a barrage of police gunfire and two deaths are seeking help from businesses along the chase route. Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office is leading the investigation. He asked businesses Monday to provide any security video that might show the chase. The 25-minute, 22-mile chase last month […]

The Cleveland police chase that ended with the deaths of two people in East Cleveland took center stage at East Cleveland’s city council meeting Tuesday night. “We do want to let the police know from the city of Cleveland and Mayor Jackson and the safety director of Cleveland that we’re really upset about what has […]