On Nov. 28 the AFRO published a thought provoking article by clergy person and political leader Kevin Slayton, “The Resurrection of The Black Church in Local Politics.” It should be read as part of a disturbing trend to deconstruct and betray the liberating roots of local Black Churches in the name of “progressivism.” This so called “new progressivism” has created the myth of a dead Black church that needs to be resurrected. This myth is an attempt to birth a vampire spirituality that creates a vampire church whose disciples sleep in caskets during the light and rise in the darkness. Vampire Christianity sucks the life-blood of self-determination, self-development, self-discipline, self-empowerment, self-reliance and self-esteem out of the Black church and community!

The purpose of this vampire system of spiritual, political, social and economic darkness is to create more vampires and zombies. The myth of a dead black church that is resurrected by our identification with either political party and their priorities is the real horror story of the 21st century. In the liberating words of a letter written to the church at Ephesus
     Awake, you who sleep,
     Arise from the dead,
     And Christ will give you light.
Will somebody please wake us up from this nightmare?

Let me ask some relevant questions to those who want to believe the promoters of vampire Christianity and those who believe the “Black church is dead!” Perhaps these questions will start a great Black church awakening?
When did local Black churches in local communities die?
Who killed or crucified them?
Who resurrected them?
Was the Black church in Baltimore “resurrected” because it voted for two political questions that were at the top of the Maryland and national Democratic agenda? Would you really call that resurrection?
The Black church survived and succeeds in spite of 400 years of American bondage and enslavement because it refused to be dominated by the Vampires system of social darkness, spiritual death, political division and financial destruction.

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