Source: Peathegee Inc / Getty via Hot 107.9 Staff A Boston charter school student, a student at a South African private school trying to take exams, a high schooler in Texas named Deandre Arnold, an elementary student in Seattle, and a New Jersey high school wrestler. What do all of these young people have in […]

GETTY IMAGES If you could describe America in a single word, what would it be? A new survey reveals that while many say this nation is “great,” one of the Top 5 descriptions from about 1,000 responses reveal that Americans view it as “divided” and “troubled.” The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Americans […]

YouTube series Kids React by Fine Brothers Entertainment is showing children’s honest reactions to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and it has struck a major chord with the American public. If everyone responded to the billionaire’s insults, antics and trash-talking the way most of the youth featured in the video did, he wouldn’t have a shot […]


Some of the residents in Roseburg, Oregon, which is still reeling from the tragic mass shooting recently, don’t want President Obama to come to their town. David…

Article By Dianna Hobbs: Despite sex-driven film 50 Shades of Grey grossing $81.7 million on opening weekend, Christian athlete and virgin Lolo Jones, 32, won’t be purchasing a ticket. In a Feb. 17 Twitter post, she slammed the film. “Funny how some people think there’s nothing wrong with 50 shades of Grey. God didn’t create […]

Over Easter weekend, I went to see the film God’s Not Dead, which by all accounts has become a certified blockbuster in the realm of Christian films. Made for $2 million, at the time of this writing it has grossed over $48 million at the box office, which is absolutely incredible. I cannot deny its […]

Pastor Deitrick Haddon spoke to the Communities about California Assembly Bill 1121, which will bring transgender bathrooms to California, and how that will effect morality. Haddon will be featured on Oxygen Media on the reality show, “Pastors of L.A.” This docu-series aims to give Oxygen viewers a candid and revealing look at the personal and professional lives of […]

  Newpapers, online magazines and bloggers across the coutry are buzzing this week about televangelist Juanita Bynum landing in jail. The controversial prophetic preacher, recording artist and author was arrested and carted to Lew Sterrett Justice Center—and spent the night there—after failing to show up at a Dallas civil proceeding that named her as a […]

  The African-American Clergy Coalition, a group founded to fight the same-sex marriage bill in the General Assembly, has spent only $11,250 on radio ads, but so far, it’s been enough to keep the bill bottled up in the state House. As Rich Miller writes in the Sun-Times, “The pastors are doing a very good job […]

  *The following statement is being released by The National African-American Clergy Network, comprised of prominent national faith leaders and clergy, which includes: Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, (Atlanta, GA); Bishop Vashti Murphy Mckenzie, (Dallas, TX); Dr. Amos C. Brown,(San Francisco, CA); Dr. Otis Moss, Jr.,(Cleveland, OH); Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner,(Tracy’s Landing, MD); Dr. J. Alfred Smith, […]

On Nov. 28 the AFRO published a thought provoking article by clergy person and political leader Kevin Slayton, “The Resurrection of The Black Church in Local Politics.” It should be read as part of a disturbing trend to deconstruct and betray the liberating roots of local Black Churches in the name of “progressivism.” This so called […]

*If you aspire to ministry, don’t be stupid. Decide now to avoid these obvious pitfalls, says J. Lee Grady at CharismaNews.com. I had the privilege of sharing a pulpit with Dr. Mary Ann Brown two times. She was bold, prophetic and painfully blunt. People who hate women preachers hated her even more because of her no-nonsense […]