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The tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut is opening raw wounds in Chardon. That community is all too well familiar with dealing with the unthinkable. Now Chardon is “paying it forward” and helping Newtown in its time of crisis.

While walking along downtown Chardon, another small quiet town isn’t far from Sherry Sanders’ thoughts.

“I just wrote a letter to someone in Newtown. My comment was when the press leaves you’ll start healing,”  Sanders said.

Inside Chardon’s Municipal Center Mayor Phil King knows exactly what Newtown is going through. Last February police said a student opened fire in the Chardon High School cafeteria killing three students and wounding several others.

Newtown joins Chardon and several other cities in an exclusive club. A club that no one ever hopes to be part of.

“We reached out to Columbine to find some the things they experienced that helped guide us. We will be more than happy to be as supportive and as open to their contact with us and we’ve discussed reaching out to the mayor and the city manager of Newtown and we will be doing that,” said Mayor King.

Mayor King isn’t sure exactly when that will happen, but right now he extends Chardon’s prayers and condolences to the people of Newtown.

“Whatever we can do, whatever we feel and they feel will help them we’ll offer. I don’t think there is a prescribed way,” King said.

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