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The ladies of Mary Mary are not afraid to admit that life isn’t perfect, even though they love and serve a perfect God.

In the holiday issue of Serita Jakes’ eMotions Magazine, the sisters get honest about the ups and downs of remaining unified, while shutting down the untrue rumors that they’re splitting up.

“Let me say this: Mary Mary is not breaking up!” Erica Cambpell establishes that fact right from the beginning, though both of the ladies admit, they could use a much-needed break.

The singers, tv personalities, authors, and savvy businesswomen are wives and mothers that don’t get very many breaks.

Says Tina, “In the 12 years that we have been a group, we’ve never had more than three weeks off!”

Unarguably, that sort of rigorous schedule could wear anyone down after a while. But even through the exhaustion, ups and downs, the sisters believe that together is where they belong.

“Good, bad, or indifferent, life is richer together than it is apart,” notes Tina, which is why, “We try to resolve, forgive, move past the dumb stuff and remain a part of each other’s lives.”

Even with their unwavering determination to take the good news of the gospel to the world as a unit, their goals come with serious physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional challenges—something viewers quickly recognize on their popular self-titled WE tv reality show.

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