Someone thought enough of you to give you a Christmas present, but the problem is — you hate it. Do you exchange it at the store? Do you re-gift it? What will you tell the gift giver?  I have answers to all of those questions and more. Here is your full-proof guide to handling unwanted presents, including what to say to the gift giver (outside of “thank you”) to avoid hurt feelings and potential awkwardness.

Option 1: Exchanging at the Store

Under no circumstances is it okay to return a gift to a store for cash. That is just plain tacky.  But you can exchange it for something else that suits you better.

What to Say to the Gift Giver:

“I took the [insert gift] back to the store because it had a [insert defect], but they didn’t have anymore *look really sad for this part *, so I got a [insert much cooler gift] instead.”

Option 2: Re-Gifting

Re-gifting can be tough if the gift giver is someone close to you who knows a lot of same people you do. Here’s a rule of thumb: Only re-gift to someone who has never met and is never likely to meet the original gift giver.  That means you can give that terrible secret Santa gift from your co-worker to your cousin who has “eclectic” tastes. And be aware of digital ties. You don’t want your re-gifted gift to somehow end up in the original gifter’s Facebook newsfeed.

What to Say to the Gift Giver:

Just say “thank you” and keep it moving. Do not tell the person you re-gifted!

Option 3: Donating

One great way to get rid of unwanted gifts is to donate them. Find a local charity that takes the kind of items you have and voila. You have the gifts off of your hands a tax write-off to boot. You can even take the extra step and donate to an international organization, if you want to feel fancy.

What to Say to the Gift Giver:

“Gosh, you know me so well! I already have a [insert gift], so I went ahead and donated the one you gave me to [insert awesome charity]. I know that will make someone really happy.”

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