He may have been a hardcore hip-hop artist, but even Biggie enjoyed  “ladies in the place/with style and grace.” Class is a quality that seems almost old-fashioned in these days of attention whoring and bottle-throwing reality TV catfights. Fortunately, there are still some women in celebrity circles who are well known for their poise, grace, style and elegance. We can’t think of a better example than former “Cosby” show star Phylicia Rashad, who returns to TV in the medical drama “Do No Harm,” premiering on NBC at 10 p.m. on Thursday night. (“Scandal” fans get your DVR’s ready so you can watch both.) We used to say of women like these that they carried themselves well. Here’s a list of the celebs that still do.


She plays a classy chick on TV, and carries that through in real life.Kerry Washington, 35, is a college graduate, political activist and celebrated actress who never plays roles that are degrading or embarrassing. Her fashion choices as both Olivia Pope on “Scandal” (opera gloves anyone?) and in her own life are always stunning. Not a breath of scandal has yet been attached to her name at least in her off-screen life and every actor she’s worked with has nothing but praise for her, maybe because opposite her two of her co-stars –Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker – have won Oscars.

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