Spoken word poet Jefferson Bethke has recently released his newest poem, entitled “The Greatest Artist of All Time,” which describes God as being the ultimate creative genius, building all Christians in His image.

Bethke, who gained popularity last year for his “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” poem, begins “The Greatest Artist of All Time” by recalling a recent conversation he had with an unidentified man regarding who he believed was the greatest artist of all mankind.

While the unknown gentleman named various examples, including Michelangelo, Justin Bieber and Beethoven, Bethke responded:

“There’s no debate about who is the greatest, because all those other artists you mentioned, the greatest made them. This artist, He’s a beast, man, the lion, the name above names, you don’t even realize it but you encounter his art every day.”

“He deserves all the acclaim, He deserves all of the fame, because all other artists fade away, but He remains,” Bethke continued, speaking of God.

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