It’s difficult to keep a dream alive while surrounded by the harsh realities of life. Still, there are those who rather than being defeated by hardships, find strength.This is the message of “Dreams,” a movie directed by Joel Kapity and produced by native Detroiter Marvin Winans Jr. Set outside of Chicago, the yet-unrated film tackles tough issues — rape, incest and broken families who are working to reunite and repair their damaged lives.

“Sometimes those darkest secrets need someone who is brave enough to tell it in a creative form, where it can actually free people to speak about it openly,” Winans says.

If you recognize his name, that might be because he is one of many gospel singers born into the renowned Winans family. His father is singer and pastor Marvin Winans Sr. of Perfecting Church in Detroit. His mother is gospel great Vickie Winans, and his brother Mario sings and produces as well.
“Dreams” will premiere Thursday night at the AMC Star Southfield 20. The cast is impressive and includes stage and screen actor Tommy Ford, R&B singer Angie Stone and “American Idol” alum Syesha Mercado. Vickie Winans plays Veronica, mother to Mercado’s character Mia, and Winans Jr. plays a notorious criminal in the film.
While the plot is far from lightweight, Winans Jr. says great care was given to create a movie all audiences can enjoy. While some films may be effective, he says, there is often a lot of vulgarity that audiences have to wade through before the story’s meaning comes across.

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