Southeastern Louisiana University students welcomed alumni, Robin Roberts to New Orleans as she landed. The students asked, “What is New Orleans for you?” Roberts responded, “It’s the culture; it’s the food; it’s the people.It’s home.

Home is where the heart is and Roberts hasn’t been home since her bone marrow transplant in September. Roberts has won the fight against breast cancer, but in 2012, she was diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome). Because of this life-threatening disease, Roberts needed a bone marrow transplant and is now in good, recovering health.

However, Roberts is such a phoenix–constantly rising from the ashes, beautiful and brazen.

She’s been in the “Good Morning America” studio shooting test runs and will be back on the air this year. “I have to get back on ‘GMA’ time … That’s one thing I have not missed is that alarm clock,” Roberts joked.

“I should be back sometime in February. Now I have a date in mind that’s very personal and very important to me but I will ultimately listen to, of course, what my doctors say and, course, we have to remember we’re in the height of flu season. There’s a lot of factors still,” she said.

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