Depending on your point of view, Valentine’s Day is either the most romantic day of the year or yet another Hallmark holiday. Whether you’re on team V-Day or believe Feb. 15 can’t come soon enough, read on to learn what you should do…and what you shouldn’t.

DO switch things up a bit

Get creative with how to say those three little words — maybe she’s had her eye on a special piece of jewelry or he’s had his eye on the latest gadget. Or you could surprise them with a love note (or love text).

DON’T overspend

Particularly if you share a bank account and a credit card with your sweetheart, breaking the bank is a bad idea. Keep within your budget and have the nicest evening you can afford. If it is too much, they’ll likely be panicked about money and too stressed to have fun.

DON’T contact your ex

Resist the urge to call, e-mail, G-chat, Facebook, instant-message or text your ex. Trust us, no good can come of this. And if they contacts you? Well, that’s why your phone has caller ID and an ignore button.

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