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via BlackAmericaWeb: OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH For men and women, possible symptoms of breast cancer may include the following: Changes to skin overlying the breast. These changes can include dimpling, redness or scaling. Changes to the nipple which might include the nipple turning inward, redness or other skin changes Discharge from the nipple […]

viaBlackDoctor: People are turning to all sorts of creams and serums in order to achieve perfect skin, but fail to realize what we put into our body plays a significant role in the beauty result we desire. There are many things that we do every day that affect our beauty–skincare routines, sleeping routines, working out […]

via BlackDoctor: The rate of people dying from cancer in the United States seems to have dropped steadily for 25 years, a new study says, but disparities remain between the rich and the poor. The overall nationwide cancer death rate fell continuously from 1991 to 2016 by a total of 27%, according to a study […]

The Church is doing singles wrong! At least that’s what some Christian single men and women truly believe. Off the heels of an inspiring sermon that was focused on helping singles have better relationships in 2017, one young woman wasn’t impressed. There’s got to be more to this single life than this, she pondered. Apparently, […]

  Here are six women & men Christians should avoid dating or, most certainly, considering for marriage. Before a man dates any woman, be as sure as you can that she’s been born again and has shown fruits of conversion (John 15). Dating can often lead to marriage, but no marriage is always better than […]

  Passing gas in public!? Uh, yeah. That’s not something women typically do. Listen to this funny edition of AV’s Say What to hear our listeners share things men do…

  The topic of proper dress code at place of worship has caused fierce debates, not only in current times, but also in the early church. Many say that times have changed and people have to adopt new dress codes that conform to the current trends in fashion and design. This belief has been challenged […]

Depending on your point of view, Valentine’s Day is either the most romantic day of the year or yet another Hallmark holiday. Whether you’re on team V-Day or believe Feb. 15 can’t come soon enough, read on to learn what you should do…and what you shouldn’t. DO switch things up a bit Get creative with […]

“Girl, let me tell you…” Usually, nothing good follows that phrase. Instead, “juicy” secrets and details are divulged that must be whispered rather than shouted. In hushed tones, the person on the receiving end of the “dish” learns all kinds of salacious details they must vow never to repeat. But as empowered Christian women, should we be […]

Breast cancer affects women of all races and ethnicities, but unfortunately, it has disproportionately affected many women in the black community. In 2011 it was estimated that 6,040 black women would die from breast cancer, a statistic that is significantly higher than the mortality rates of women of other races. However, this year has seen […]

  A new study finds that men and women really do see the world in two vividly different ways. The research led by Brooklyn College psychology professor Israel Abramov recruited a group of young adults with normal vision to evaluate differences through multiple tests. Study results showed that men and women examine the color shade […]