Patrol Officers Bonnie Simmerly and Elaina Ciacchi were working night shift in the Fifth District on Thursday when they received a call from radio for a suspicious vehicle.

When they arrived on Haldale, they saw a vehicle in the middle of the street.

The officers approached the vehicle and saw a man sleeping inside. They knocked on the window, at which point the man woke up, put the car in gear and sped away.

The two officers toured the area for the vehicle and located it just a short time later. The vehicle had driven off of the roadway and into a wooded area near Endora and Hillsboro.

The vehicle was on its side amongst the trees and the officers could see sparks and smoke coming from underneath the car and flames from the hood.

Officers notified radio dispatch that the car was on fire and then quickly began to strike the vehicle’s rear window with their batons in order to free the man inside.

Officers were able to get the man out of the car through a window and drag him to the roadway, safely away from the vehicle.

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