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Have you been wondering what’s been going on with X-Factor’s Stacey Francis lately? Well, one could guess that  after the Whitney Houston controversy (over singer Ray J two days before her death) and the rumors of her baby’s father being (Grace Jones’ brother) Bishop Noel Jones, Stacey would be in hiding, stay away from all things media. But we were wrong. We recently ran into Stacey at Tami Roman’s ‘Spring Love’ nail polish launch party and got her to dish on all the above, plus and love/ marriage and new projects. Check out some of the excerpts below:

On her conflict with Whitney Houston a year after:

“It’s been a year that I have been able to really dig in and talk to God more and I’ve just become more aware of whom I really am as a woman. I ask God constantly to show me what he wanted me to know, why that happened, what it is about me that I can work on and my relationship with Him just got really strong. I think I become a lot more compassionate and loving from that situation. I love her. I never said didn’t love her.  Everything happens for a reason.”

On if she still speaks to Ray-J:

“We communicate. Brandy had a party for her fiancé about a month ago and I was there and I saw Ray. It’s cool.”

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On her latest project:

“I’m in pre-production right now for a reality show with Purveyors of Pop and Fremantle. They do shows for Bravo. They do shows for ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ and they have a new show out called ‘Married to Medicine’ on Bravo. My show is an ensemble piece as well with six women, but its more music oriented though.”

On her relationship with the father of her youngest child:

“I don’t really talk about that. It was funny because it was a rumor that he was her father, Will Smith, Stevie Wonder and it was all these people. I think once I came off the X Factor and I began to become more famous after the fight with Whitney Houston, all these people were just digging and digging. And you know people just dig until they think they find. I said ‘I love him and I’m not ashamed of our baby, I never said who ‘him’ was.”

Check out the full video below.

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