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Smartphones are ubiquitous, the internet is pervasive, and we’re hooked on social media. Want more? Meet the 5 technologies that will change the world:

1) Google’s Project Glass

Ever want to experience an augmented reality all day every day? Google does too.  With Google’s Project Glass users will be able to use tools and function of your everyday smartphone…with glasses.  Hands-free and voice activated these glasses will put up a transparent display that you can see at anytime. Read more at TechRadar.

2) 3D Printing

3D Models were once confined to the computer, but now with 3D printing they’re a reality. From being used in high tech manufacturing centers to homemade jewelry – 3D printing will take any computer generated model and simply print it out.

3) Mood-sensing Apps

Anxious, depressed, vulnerable? There’s an app for that.  The app is called Xpression, and it will listen in (but not record) your speech patterns throughout the day.  The data it collects could be beneficial to a person’s psychologist. Read More at New Scientist.

4) Gestural Control Devices

Gestural devices are being purported as the new way to control your various devices.  The startup Thalmic Labs has created an armband that will let you control any digital device just by moving your muscles.  Miss that part of a video? Gesture back with your hand and it’ll rewind.

5) Google’s Driveless Car

No longer will you actually have to drive you car if Google has their way.  Currently only legal in Nevada, this innovative new car actually drives itself.

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