Professional musician Derrick Wright, son of the late Timothy Wright, is the touring drummer for worldwide superstar Adele. He shares with The 700 Club the lessons he learned about forgiveness from his dying father, who was known as “The Godfather of Gospel Music.”

Derrick was 12 when he made his drumming debut, playing in his father’s band, reports CBN. Later, he was regarded as an A-list drummer by touring with Alicia Keys, Toni Braxton and others.

In 2006, the son of gospel music royalty became the Music Director for “Rolling in the Deep” singer, Adele, in 2006.

Despite the glitz and glamor, the percussionist maintains that he has not allowed himself to become caught up in the trappings of show business—something that has ensnared many gifted celebrities.

For Derrick, drumming is a way of drawing closer to God. He describes it as “almost like when you go in your prayer closet…that’s your place of comfort and you can just, like, go to God in prayer.”

He says, “Sometimes, I sit there on the drums, put my head down and just pray before I even play, and it’s just a good feeling that you get…”

According to Derrick, his life was going along smoothly until that fateful day on July 4, 2008 when his father, mother, and 14 year old nephew were all hit by a drunk driver.

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