People trying to lose weight often tell me they’re stuck at a certain weight, and they want to know how to get unstuck. Most tell me they’re doing everything right—exercising regularly and eating healthy. They’re frustrated and they want to start seeing progress again. While plateaus are common in any weight loss effort, sometimes taking a closer look at your daily habits can reveal something that’s stalling your efforts. Here’s your checklist to get started.

Do you do the same exercise every day? I always encourage people to find a form of exercise they love, but if you do the same thing every day you’ll get the same results. You can stick with exercise you love most often, but try and mix it up during the week. Try something different, like a strength training session, or add to your usual exercise routine with an extra 15 minute walk during the day. Find ways to move more.


Do you sweat? If you’re getting exercise most days of the week, I applaud you, but make sure you’re putting in the effort to get a good sweat going. Brisk walks are wonderful for your health, but if you add some hills or some incline on the treadmill you’ll work up a sweat—and sweat means you’re working at an exertion level to burn those calories.

Do you skip exercise more than you want to admit? Only you know the answer. Try to exercise most days of the week and never miss more than two days in a row.

Do you eat well all day except for late at night? Many people fall into the late-night snacking trap. Are you making and eating nutritious meals throughout the day, and ending your day with dishes of ice cream or bags of chips because you feel like you earned it? Or do you mindlessly snack, grazing in and out of the pantry? Try not to let a day of healthy eating go out the window—plan your occasional indulgences instead.

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