Toby McKeehan (born Kevin Michael McKeehan, October 22, 1964) started out in 1987 as the rapper and main creative force behind Christian group, DC Talk.  DC Talk, with vision by Toby Mac (along with Kevin Max and Michael Tait), took the Christian music world by storm.  They completely changed the way artists did everything in the Christian music scene from professionalism, to promotion, to songwriting, to pushing the level of the live concert experience.

DC Talk still 25 years later, is the most influential Christian music group.  They set the standard for all around excellence, while still staying on message, that has not been duplicated to this point.  DC Talk was the closest thing to a Beatle mania type feel that the Christian music scene has ever had.

Jesus Freak is still the most trend setting and influential Christian record of all time.  From title songs like “Jesus Freak” to cross over hits like “Just Between You and Me” the album pushed the barriers of music and found a true medium of crossing musical styles which is very tough for an artist to do.

DC Talk was one of the first Christian bands to put out documentary style videos with their “Welcome to the Freak show” tour and behind the scenes video documentary gave fans an inside look to their tour and tour life.  This was so innovative in the Christian market at this time and has not become standard for popular Christian bands to put out documentary and tour videos.

What’s most amazing about TobyMac is that age 48 he is still going as strong as ever.  As much as people respected TobyMac and DC Talk, it is almost impossible to someone to go solo from their group and have just as much success.  DC Talk band mate’s Kevin Max and Michael Tait showed this by both putting out solo records and either having much commercial success.  Michael Tait has become the new singer of Newsboys in the last few years and Kevin Max just recently joined Audio Adrenaline as their new singer.  So in different ways, remarkably, all 3 pushing 50 are still performing and doing music for a living.

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