After meeting for 11 hours on Tuesday, the Strongsville City School board and the teachers’ union failed to reach an agreement.

The two parties met with a federal mediator in Independence during the fourth week of the teachers’ strike. The board of education said no progress was made.

“You have to have a balanced budget and we will continue to work towards the process that will reach an agreement that is sustainable,” said Strongsville superintendent John Krupinski.

This was the fourth meeting with a federal mediator and the second with bargaining teams present, the district said.

“Nothing was accomplished. All of the items that we talked about this evening, the board attorney has said he is unwilling to move off of their last best offer,” SEA President Tracy Linscott said.

“No additional talks about been set up between now and April 2. And the only one who really benefited from these 11 hours of discussion was the board’s attorney, as he made, by our calculations, $2,900 this evening,” Linscott said.

The Strongsville Education Association went on strike on March 4 after contract talks with the school board failed.

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