It’s only been a few days since Kevin Ware suffered what is probably the most gruesome injury in sports history when he landed funny, causing a compound fracture to his right leg.

The soft-spoken Kevin sat down with ESPN for his first interview since the incident where he shed a few tears and expressed he’s been overwhelmed by the support. He also explained what we’ve all been wondering, ‘what the hell did that feel like?’

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“I honestly didn’t feel pain. It was more shock. I’ve never felt anything like that.”

He said he didn’t realize the severity of the injury until he saw coach Rick Pitino’s reaction.

“I thought it was just my ankle,” Ware said. “Coach kind of gave it away. His eyes got huge.”

Ware said he was concerned about his own long-term basketball future as he lay on the court, but also his team’s short-term success. He told Pitino:

“Just win coach, just win, I am going to be fine.”

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